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JUSTIN GRIGGS, Head of Policy and Development at NALC


My main role is representing and advocating the interests of local councils at national level on a range of policy and development issues.

My team leads on our policy, parliamentary and public affairs programme and the improvement and development of local councils through a range of initiatives including the Quality Parishes Scheme and National Training Strategy. We also get involved in all kinds of other stuff – too much to mention them all here!

Over two-thirds of the world's online population use social networks, so there's something happening here and it is important not to get left behind in this fast moving world. So I've started blogging/twittering to mainly encourage:

  • Contributions and feedback from those interested in the work of NALC and local councils;
  • Our shared community to form quickly and communicate effectively on our passion for the first tier;
  • Local councils to make use of websites and blogs.

Read Justin's blog here or follow him on Twitter.


ALAN JONES, head of Communications, NALC


As well as being head of Communications at the National Association of Local Councils, I am also the editorial director of LCR and LCR Online. I have been in these posts since 2001. I have also worked in the press offices of the Bishop of London and various housing organisations. I was previously a journalist and researcher for The Big Issue and Financial Times. So I have been a gamekeeper and a poacher.

Read Alan's blog here or follow him on Twitter.

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