Local councils EXPLAINED 24.09.13
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Why advertise?


Whether you are looking to raise your company profile, generate leads, support your presence at events, report a new product launch or make a major announcement, LCR and LCR Online offer you a direct and efficient route to your existing and prospective customers.


Why should you be targeting the town and parish (local) council sector?


There are around 8,500 local councils, with 80,000 councillors throughout England. These councillors serve electorates ranging from small rural communities to major cities.

Local councils provide employment for over 25,000 staff while their annual expenditure is in the region of £450m. Together, they can be identified as the nation's single most influential grouping of grassroots opinion formers. Over 15 million people live in communities served by 8,500 local councils nationally.


Key Decision Makers


LCR and LCR Online enable you to target key decision makers in the first tier of local government, and are the perfect vehicle for your marketing effort. They offer the best combination of influence, intelligent comment and precise targeting of key decision makers.



To find out more about advertising in LCR magazine and LCR Online contact:

Azmi Elkholy
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